Jerry Bennett - Huntsville Artist
Finding Common Ground
Jerry Bennett


b. 1941, Oklahoma City, OK

2006 May   *Center for Turning and
Furniture Design, Indiana University,
Indiana, PA
2006 Jan-Mar   *“Our Turn Now: Artists
Speak Out in Wood”, Ohio Craft
Museum, Columbus, OH
2005 Apr/May   *Wood Turned Art
Show, Fleury Gallery, Houston, TX
2005 Jan/Feb   Juried Exhibition,
Houston Center for Contemporary
Craft, Houston, TX
* By Invitation

I have enjoyed designing and building
things my entire life. From an early age,
making or disassembling something was
the rule of the day. I suppose my career
in engineering design and construction
was an extension of that earlier
interest. My real passion however, has
always been for creating art and music,
so I designed, built and operated a
recording studio. I discovered after the
fact, that I enjoyed the design and
construction part of the process best!

As luck would have it, my wife Peggy
suggested we take a woodturning class
together. When I was introduced to
segmented vessels, I found a new
passion! Not satisfied with making only
bowl or vase forms, I decided to try a
completely different approach to
segmentation, and along the way
discovered my new artistic home! I enjoy
being challenged in expressing myself
creatively. The segmentation technique
enables me to make large and unusually
shaped art forms, not possible with a
solid block of wood. This process is
the best vehicle for the fluid organic
forms I create.
Jerry Bennett resides in Huntsville,

Although my work is abstract in nature,
it is not passive.  I seek to engage and
directly challenge. It is my goal that
none walk away unaffected.
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