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Published and Illustrated Works

I've recently had my first book "Ode to East Texas published, which has been an incredibly exciting moment for me.  I have also had the opportunity of illustrating and photographing for other authors, and had pieces of my work published in various books.  I only personally sell my book, but I will link to where you can purchase the others on this page.


Ode to East Texas

Lee Jamison

I am extremely pleased to share my first published work with you.  While you can purchase my book on Amazon and other sites, copies from me will be signed.

Purchase here.


Seven Wonders of the Universe

That You Probably Took for Granted

C. Renee James

Illustrated by Lee Jamison

Find Information and buy here.


Of Texas Rivers & Texas Art

Andrew Sansom and William E. Reaves

Find more information and buy here.

The Art of Texas State Parks

A Centennial Celebration, 1923 - 2023

Andrew Sansom and Linda J. Reaves

Find more information and buy here.

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